Junior dos Santos explained why some opponents won’t or can not fight him!


Junior dos Santos, the strong Brazilian Giant that can easily make you scared!


It’s been a while after their first bout, Junior dos Santos and Stefan Struve will face one more time inside the Octagon, and the Brazilian is glad that Stefan “Skyscraper” accepted to fight him. We all know about him how strong and powerful he can be and we don’t know are the opponents afraid of him or what is the deal? So MMA Fighting asked him a couple of questions and he gave them straight answers.

“We started to consider him as an option because we were told that the UFC was trying to find a fight for me, and most of them turned it down,” dos Santos said. Some other fighters said they didn’t have enough time to prepare for him, some of them turned it down, and some of them were injured. Junior dos Santos had shoulder injury since October but her recovered from it really fast and now when he heard that Stefan “Skyscraper” accepted the fight he was so happy for the great news.

Mark Didn’t turn the fight Against Junior, something else happened!


Allegedly Mark Hunt didn’t turn down the fight, he had some issues with the UFC, some contract stuff so he couldn’t fight him.

Alistair Didn’t have enough time!


Unlike the Mark, Alistair turn down the fight. They offered him fight in November and December but he was saying that he didn’t have enough time to prepare for this kind of a fight. You need to have a lot more time then they give for such an opponent such is Junior dos Santos. Well, he is right, he is a very scary dude!

Junior says that he knows that his last fight was great and that he can’t wait to fight again but he can’t just sit and wait. He also said that he understand why they don’t want to fight!

“I will be the number one in the heavyweight division again”, he said. He will gain extra motivation in March when his beloved wife will give birth to their first child, Bento and that will be his motivation to be the champ again! He said that his son won’t be a fighter. He will maybe learn some martial arts but this life of a MMA fighter is just to hard!