Digital Chaos are the Winners for the first time On ESL One Genting 2017


Digital Chaos mentally So Strong

This was their first tournament win and we are so happy fro them because we think they are all so good, perspective and most importantly they deserved!!!

W33haa, Moonmeander, Misery, Saksa and Resolution we just want to say well done boys!

What to say about this team with a great future except for congratulations!

The Runner-up of The International 2016 and winners of $3.4 million dollars has started off 2017 with a win in this tournament. North America’s Digital Chaos is the winner of ESL One Genting 2017 and did it in impressive fashion if you ask us.

They were in the  Group B with Execration, WarriorsGaming.Unity and Wings Gaming.




Wings Gaming

The entire tournament was uncertain until the very end and every match was so good and when you look back on previously played matches you can not be bored because each and every was special! You won’t regret if you check out all of them…

And finally, they had to clash with Newbee into the Bo5! The score was floating from one side to the other all the time. The first game went to Newbee. Then it was 1-1 on the scoreboard. Newbie again took the lead 2-1 and finally DC turned it in their favor and won with amazing 3-2 against such a great opponent!

We can only congrats to DC and to wish them luck in the future on the other tournaments!