UEFA Announced The List Of Clubs With Biggest Debts In Football

Debt in Football

The biggest clubs has the biggest debts

Everybody is aware that global economy is in a crisis, and even though football clubs spend huge loads of money in every transfer window, that doesn’t mean that they are standing very good financially. There are lot of clubs on this list that UEFA released to show, which clubs are in biggest debts. The most surprising club on this list is Manchester United, that not only the club with the highest yearly revenue, they also have the biggest debt, that raised 25% since last year and it is now 536 million €.

Debt in Football

Debt in Football

This are 23 clubs with the biggest debts:

  1. Manchester United   570 m
  2. SL Benfia                 351 m
  3. Inter Milan               325 m
  4. Valencia                   303 m
  5. FC Barcelona           298 m
  6. QPR                         297 m
  7. AC Milan                  265 m
  8. Chelsea                   (Debt free, but if Abramovich sell the club they will be)
  9. Real Madrid             250 m
  10. CSKA Moskow         238 m
  11. Galatasaray              236 m
  12. Juventus                  222 m
  13. AS Roma                  221 m
  14. Sunderland              198 m
  15. Fenerbahce              176 m
  16. Dinamo Moscow      174 m
  17. Atletico Madrid        174 m
  18. Liverpol                   174 m
  19. Olympic Lyon          169 m
  20. AS Monaco              156 m
  21. FC Kopenhavn         146 m
  22. FC Shalke                145 m