New Trends for Three Heroes next time you Play a Pub you need to be very Careful

New trends for Heroes

Now we will present those three new trends


Those events can define what heroes you will see in your pubs in the weeks that follow, and there are 3 hero trends that were a big part of DotaPit season 5 that you should be aware of and you could learn them really easy..



Sniper Lone Druid

In the past when Lone Druid was popular as a jungler players would invest into items for the hero’s Spirit Bear.

The new talent system allows Lone Druid himself to become so strong and powerful.


Boboko and Puppey all went Aghanim’s as support Weaver as it not only reduces cooldown of Time Lapse but also allows it to be cast on allies.

magic junkie Ember

In the past players focused on a physical damage build on Ember Spirit.

Ana played Ember Spirit the most out of any player at DotaPit and won 5 of his 6 games on the hero, and Ember Spirit was the most played hero at the event.

In all but one of the Ana’s Ember Spirit games he invested into Maelstrom to increase his farm and Blink Dagger for added mobility

You can see how cool are these new builds for this heroes and now the only thin you can do is practice in pubs!