David Beckham The Most Hated Player In The World

David Beckham Red Card World Cup 1998 England-France

Event why Beckham Became The Most Hated Player In The World (VIDEO)

Quarterfinals of the World Cup in France in 1998 brought the match England and Argentina. Two great rivals had offered an amazing match that was full of excitement, and it “gave birth” of one, as the English called it, “a donkey in his boot.” The match was played on June 30, Batistuta scored early in the sixth minute and he made it clear that it will be interesting. The English have made a quick turnaround. They first scored in the 10th minute, when Alan Shearer equalized, and then Michael Owen gave England advantage six minutes later.The first half ended 2: 2 after Zanetti goal in the 45th minute.

Red Card For Beckham Against Argentina

David Beckham A Red Card In The World Cup 1998

The second half has just started when Diego Simeone made a pretty rough tackle on David Beckham. The Englishman was unable to restrain himself and lifted his foot enough to trip over Simeone.Referee Kim Milton Nielsen from Denmark saw everything very well and without a second thought, he showed Beckham the way to the locker room.England managed to hold out until the end of 90 minutes, and in extra time there were no goals, but they performed penalties after which Argentina was successful and claimed victory. That was enough for the media to welcome Beckham titles such as “Beck-home”, “Ten heroic lions, one stupid boy,” and perhaps most outrageous, “Beck off”. On that day, in addition to “traitors”, Beckham was given the nickname “Donkey in boots”.

Look at this historic moment, which made a great player into the most hated player in around the world: