Zlatan ibrahimovic Is A Dangerous Guy !

Paris Saint-Germain FC v Olympique de Marseille OM – French Cup

Insult Is What Zlatan Ibrahimovic Will Not Forget, But You Will Definitely Laugh (VIDEO)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the guy whom probably no one in their right mind wants to take offense. Fortunately, there’s Joey Barton. They got off Parisians with 2:0, but the encounter was marked by a duel of Joey Barton and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the 37th minute of the match.Barton after a tackle remained to lie on the grass, after which the Swede remarked that, if you already play rough, should try to stay on your feet. The answer was more than interesting – Englishman snapped Ibrahimovic that “fucking big nose”, completing the statement gesture with his hand.Ibrahimovic started to laugh, a “trash stream” lasted for some time.

Ibrahimovic and Barton

Barton Has Revealed What Happened In That Game

– We all remember! He told me once to say that I’m tough, I’m a non-stop on the ground, to which I answered him to stop with the stupid fouls. Then he told me not to say English, so I told him that I am an Englishman and that he has a big nose. This surprised him, as no one answers him like that. Although I told the truth, a huge talent but also is his enormous nose. Although, I did not know we were being recorded as the ball was away, said Barton. How did that affect Zlatan?- I think he was hit, on the contrary. Motivated him further, said former PSG coach, Carlo Ancelotti.Ibrahimovic in this match scored both goals for his team, but here’s how it all looked