NFL: Carson Palmer retires? (VIDEO)

Carson Palmer

Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Is Thinking To End His Career

Cardinals were before the beginning of the season thought as almost considered favorites to advance to the Super Bowl, but the season has gone more than poorly – seven wins, eight defeats and one draw game against Seattle (6: 6) meant that red-and-white in Arizona will not fight for a championship ring.

Carson Palmer Career Will End

Many expect the next year to step up, but the question is whether it will succeed, as it will, it seems, in 2017, will have to look for a new quarterback.The legendary Carson Palmer is considering retiring, but it is close to such a decision by the fact that he sold the house and written by children from schools in Arizona.As a fallback option, for now, is that Drew Stanton, but the 32-year-old quarterback could hardly be the right option for the team that “unfortunately” missed the place in the Super Bowl.