The Most Expensive Footballer In The World Paul Pogba NEW Boots

Paul Pogba Boots

Pogba Does Not Care For Criticism, But He Is So Brilliant When It Comes To Boots!

It’s not about a move he made in the victory over ¬†Leicester (3:0), he has already attracted the attention with boots in which he appeared on the field, King Power Stadium.His boots are decorated with his own image. On the heel, his picture is¬†clearly seen, and once again he demonstrated that for him there are more important things than the game itself. Earlier Pogba bought attention with the different hairstyles.Each game he has brought a new style and he now decided to do other things. Obviously, the most expensive footballer in the World and one of the biggest daffodils, this time decided to put his own image on the boot. The only question is what to do next because obviously moves on the ground does not intend to attract the attention of the audience.Great criticisms made against him obviously can not affect the Pogba to do whatever he wants.

Pogba New Boots 2017