This Is The House In Which Leo Messi Lives!

Lionel Messi Home

This is a beautiful house of Leo Messi in Barcelona!

Argentine football player and the member of the Catalan Barcelona Lionel Messi hired the famous architect Luis de Garrido for eco-villa around Barcelona. Taking inspiration from a football, Garrido has designed eco house for Argentine players. From the bird’s eye view apartment actually looks like a soccer ball.

Lionel Messi House In Barcelona

House in the shape of soccer balls!

Half of the roof is covered with green grass, while the other half consists of triangular grids that allow natural light throughout the interior. Guests should enter through the door with a green roof that leads to the main house, while on the other hand, found a huge pool.

Leo Messi House

De Garrido “One-Zero Eco-House” is part of a project in cooperation with the National Association for sustainable architecture, where the architect designs the eco home of famous people on the basis of data collected about their wishes and specifications.

In This House Grew Up Lionel Messi

Let us remember where is the house where was born the best player in Barcelona, and where he grew up. This is how looks his house in Argentina in Rosario. Needless to say anything, and it is impossible to compare these two houses. But Leo Messi has all the right to enjoy their luxury that possesses.

Messi House In Rosario