Iker Casillas Father Lost 1million €

Iker Cassilas In Champions League

Casillas Dad Lost A Winning Ticket Because Of Him

Legendary Spanish goalkeeper earned millions of euros on the football pitch while keeping the goal of Real Madrid and Porto. But whenever his family gathers up, they talk about funny memory when he literally lost his father million euros!

When he was just a kid, his father gave him a sport betting ticket to pay for one ticket. As it usually happens with kids, Iker hasn’t done that because he was distracted by playing football on the street with other kids. Money that his father gave him for the ticket he spent on ice cream.

Murphy’s law kicked in, and it turns out that it was a winning ticket, worth 1 million €. His father got left without a real fortune.

Iker made up to him after becoming one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the football.

Iker Casillas In Champions League