The King – Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli Why Always Me

Why Always Me???

Italy and Nice striker Mario Balotelli has a great talent, but it prevents problematic behavior to fulfill their full potential.As a player of Inter gained the status of a mischievous boy who loves riotous living. Balotelli behavior and actions are like an effort that these stories do not remain a legend.Mario is a blend of unique personality and approach to things. For some ordinary fool, for some hopelessly immature child, but is a great entertainer for all. With him just never gets boring. Mario was born in Italy, more precisely in Palermo. His parents were refugees from Ghana, however, when he was three years because of his health problems and the difficult financial situation were given up for adoption by an Italian family, whose surname was later taken.When it became famous his biological father invited him to return, but he said that they just want to use him and he refused.

Mario Balotelli Why Always me

Mario Balotelli Crazy Guy And A Top Player

Here is some interesting about Super Mario, there’s a lot, but we will mention a few. – In the parking lot outside the Meazza while playing for Inter painted in uniform biggest rivals, Milan. -He broke up with a girl via SMS as she leads the live program on TV. -Made love with Italian top model, while his girlfriend was on the lower floor. – He entered with his car in the women’s prison just to look around a bit.-He set fire to his house after he tried to ignite fireworks and rockets in the toilet.- When the team of Italy received new uniforms he went out in the old uniform, saying that he does not like the new model kit. -In September 2010, he crashed a car, and police officers found 25 thousand dollars on the passenger seat. When asked why he was wearing that kind of money with him said, “because I’m rich”. -The police took away his Maserati because he was driving at a speed of 300 km / h. -The previous car of the same type was related to him 27 times due to improper parking. These are just a few of his folly.

Mario Balotelli funny moments(VIDEO)