The Star Of Real Madrid Thoughts On His Hometown

Gareth Bale Real Madrid

Bale Wants All Sports Fans In Cardiff To Gather In One Place!

Player of national team Wales, Gareth Bale, wants to give the residents of his town a place where they could enjoy the greatest sporting events.┬áThe star of Real Madrid plans this year in Cardiff, to open a sports bar called “Elevens Bar & Grill” in which people can enjoy sports, beer, good food. “In Cardiff is still no right to place where you can come and watch sport. That’s why I had a great desire to open a sports bar. I am pleased with the idea that people will be able to gather in the city where they will be transferred to all the major sporting events, and will also be able to eat and drink fine, in a friendly atmosphere”.- Bale stated.

Gareth Bale in front of the private jet 2017

Real Madrid Star Gareth Bale is going to open sports bar and grill ‘Elevens’ in Cardiff

He also discovered that the bar will be open at the site, which dates from 1730, and promises visitors a unique experience. “I’m sure it will become a cult place in Cardiff. I was in sports bars around the world, and I’ve tried all the fine things that people love. I hope that we will have the best burger bar in Cardiff and I’m really excited that people will be able to enjoy on such place”.- concluded Welshman.

Announcement of the new “Elevens”(VIDEO)