Results Of The Second Leg Knockout Games In Champions League Season 2016/17

UEFA Champions League 2017 Rematch Results 1-16

Everything is the same in Naples and London, Dortmund and Barcelona have made a comeback!

First four rematch games have ended, and we have first four quarter-finalists! 

It was all the sam in a match between Napoli And Real Madrid 1:3! Even though Napoli started very good, and they have even led at the half time, but Real Madrid managed to win again, and the most gratitude goes to their captain Sergio Ramos who have scored twice to make things come around.

We got a great show in Arsenal vs Bayer Munchen 1:5! Once again we got the same result as in the first game, Arsenal were demolished by a German side! Even though Arsenal was leading at the halftime, but after the red card fro Koscielny, everything went bad for them. Was this the last match in Champions League for Arsene Wenger? We will see…

After 1:0 in Lisbon, Dortmund has well beaten Benfica 4:0! At the halftime, it was only 1:0, and they were leading from the fourth minute!The Second halftime was a routine for Dortmund because they got a margin of four goals!

The best game of this rematch games and the most anticipated is Barcelona vs PSG 6:1People were discussing this game since that terrible loss in Paris, but everyone wanted to know, is Barcelona capable of going through and to do what nobody has done in the history of football? The answer was YES! They managed to strike six goals in the PSG net, even though they needed four for the extra time, but Cavani gave PSG a goal that everybody thought will get Barca out. Neymar show in last eight minutes has made this Barcelona team in the history books once again!!

UEFA Champions League 2017 Rematch Results 1-16

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