Is It Harder Playing Against Westbrook, Or With Him?

Russell Westbrook Oklahoma Sity

About Russell Westbrook, Triple-Double Is A Story Every Day, But There Are “Other Side Of The Coin.”

Ever since Kevin Durant went to the Warriors, Russell Westbrook is “alpha and omega” Oklahoma.Thunder pushes solid this season, led by Rus, who is a true triple-double machine, the team is currently ranked seventh in the Western Conference standings and is likely to provide a place in the play-off, a Westbrook almost always foremost in all statistical columns.However, like it or not, few can deny that the “rape”, this is not little.

Rusell Westbrook 2017

Russell Westbrook Is Not A Born Match Winner

Recently jumped fact that he is not born ‘winner sword “because he average negotiates every fifth or sixth fired shot, at the time when it breaks the match.In addition, when just decided to play simultaneous matches, it does not reflect very well at goal.Sounds almost unreal fact that as many as 12 times in the course of the season took more than 30 shots from the game! Of those 12 games, the Thunder won only four. And a few days ago was forced to exhaustion, took as many as 39 shots, 21 ended up in the trash, never better than 58% of the performance, with it’s broken down a personal record with 58 points scored, but nevertheless Portland got a victory over Oklahoma.