Results Of The Second Leg Week 2 Knockout Games In Champions League Season 2016/17

Champions League 2017 Quarter-finalists

Leicester fairytale continues, Monaco beats Manchester City, not to much action in Madrid and Torino!

After the last four matches, we finally have all the quarter-finalist.

There is not too much worth mentioning in Juventus vs Porto 1:0. Penalty and a red card for Fereira really made things easier for Juventus.

English fairytale, even though it is not looking good in the Premier league, in Champions league is still ongoing. Leicester vs Sevilla 2:0. Leicester was finally looking like a team who made the biggest sensation in not only football but in the history of sport! They were giving they all in, and when they go with all of their heart, this team ca not lose. “Foxes” have been biting Sevilla very hard.

The least interesting game was Atletico Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen 0:0. Leverkusen was the better side in this match, but Jan Oblak has simply stolen the show!

One of the best games was played in the city of Monaco where they were playing AS Monaco vs Manchester City 3:1. After a rain of goals in England (Manchester City won 5:3) people were hoping to see something much alike. Monaco got the best of them, and managed to turn things around and win 3:1 and go through on away goals. Monaco deserved to go through, and rich owners of Manchester City should think very hard about their inability to go all the way in this competition. Their biggest achievement is half-final against Real Madrid in season 2015/16.

Champions League 2017 Quarter-finalists

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