Ronaldo Hired A Surrogate Mother Again – Expecting Twins ?!

Cristiano Ronaldo With Cristiano Junior

Famous Football Player Is Soon Going To Become A Father For The Second Time

Cristiano Ronaldo will soon become a father-surrogate because of an American girl reportedly carries his twins. The surrogate mother who carries the boys should soon beget. Cristiano Ronaldo has told his son to Christian and family members. They are anxious and they can not wait to babies are born, to learn more about them. He does not like to talk about his private life, he said only to his family, but even they do not know the identity of the surrogate mother.

Ronaldo and Christiano Junior

A similar story was in 2010!

A similar, if not the same story, we heard in 2010, when Cristiano Ronaldo “out of the blue” became the father of a small Christian. Junior’s mother is allegedly girl from San Diego, where the player has paid ten million pounds to give up a child and never reveal identity. It is interesting that Cristiano now has a girlfriend – Georgina Rodriguez, that before her he had a long relationship with Irina Schaik, who now awaits a child with Bradley Cooper and that he chose a surrogate mother …