UEFA Europa League 1/8 Rematch Results 2017

Europa League Rematch 1-8 round 2017 results

Europa League Second leg 1/8 round 2017 results

Very entertaining eight-finals rematches have been concluded and we have our quarter-finalists.

In Belgium was everything square, Genk vs Gent 1:1. After a win in first match 4:1 Genk is going through the next round.

In Turkey Besiktas vs Olympiacos 4:1. Even though Besiktas got an early lead 2:0, the scorer of the first goal Vincent Aboubakar got a red card because of hitting an opposite player with his head. Even though Olympiacos had a player more in the field, they didn’t manage to score one more goal and to go through on aggregate. They went all in, but they ended receiving two more goals in their net.

In Russia, Krasnodar vs Celta 0:2. Spanish side has shown that they have what it takes to go all the end, a comfortable win 2:0, and a place in the next round.

Great match in Amsterdam Ajax vs Kobenhavn 2:0. Ajax managed to compensate their setback of one goal and they have done all job in the first half.

Manchester United vs Rostov 1:0. When everybody has expected that Russian side will be demolished, we got a very boring game, where Jose Mourinho boys were playing like they don’t need to score a goal, after playing 1:1 in a first game. It is a shame for a team like them to play like this. Maybe the reason of their decreasing stature lies there. They are really away from the cream of the Europen football…

In Rome, Roma vs Lyon 2:1. It started wrong for Roma, but they managed to turn the situation around and to take the lead, but even going all in, it wasn’t enough to go through. Congrats to Olympic Lyon!

Monchengladbach vs Schalke 2:2. The home side was leading 2:0 and that looked like enough to go through, but Schalke players didn’t thoughted that, they managed to pull two back and to secure they place in the quarter-finals.

Anderlecht vs Apoel 1:0. They have won in Cyprus 2:0 and they won again at home, just to confirm that they are the better side at this moment.

Europa League Rematch 1-8 round 2017 results