Paul Pogba Fans Pelted With A Plate

Paul Pogba Manchester United

Paul Pogba Found Himself The Target Of Ungrateful Fans Almost Did Not Receive Injury

Football Player of Manchester United, Paul Pogba is one of the most popular figures in the city, and he is often a target of fans who want an autograph or a photo with him. However, a few days ago in a restaurant something unexpected happened, Pogba was sitting with his friends, he did not want to disturb anyone and refused to sign an autograph. Fans have tried to force him after the rejection, it almost led to large hail and as it writes English “San”, even a plate was thrown to the French national team member and player of Manchester United.

Pogba Manchester United 2017

Pogba refused to take pictures with fans!

“Crowds formed quickly, it looked like he was going to be killed. Fans were very nervous because Pogba refused to sign autographs, but he really just wanted to sit alone and finish a meal with his friends,” said one of the witnesses. The staff of this restaurant Indian food in Manchester immediately called police, who arrived when it was all over.