Zlatan Do You Listen To Your Wife ???

Helena Seger At Zlatan Game

Helena raised her voice, she wants to live in Italy again, ready for the transfer of the decade!

Until now he was always listening to her, will he do that this time? The World doubts that Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the end of the season could leave Manchester United, and it is growing with every blunder of Manchester in Premier League. Himself hinted several times that a thing is further acquiring more weight now that voice is raised by Zlatan’s wife beautiful blonde Helena Seger. Zlatan first and great love to the early playing days often had a critical word in his change of clubs, and she felt the best while Ibrahimovic was playing in the city of fashion “Milano”.  Now, according to the writing of the Swedish ‘Expressen’ Helena wanted to Zlatan, children and her once again return to Italy, and she would not have anything against it, instead of being Milan-Naples.

Helena Seger Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wife

Chairman of Napoli intrigued Europe on “a player to Manchester”

Ask the first man Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis that surprised Europe with a thought that he is on “a player from Manchester”. – My reinforcement of my dreams? This is a player who is giant and currently, plays for Manchester United. He was a guest for dinner in Los Angeles and I can tell you that it is an extremely nice guy, but looks like a danger, said the first man Neapolitans, and then followed up: “You know who it is, don’t you?” It is clear to everyone that it was Zlatan Ibrahimovic who played in Italy for the three biggest clubs: Juventus, Inter and Milan. Why would not be added to the list one team that regularly plays in the Champions League and not afraid of the lack of European competition, as is the case with a team who now plays- Manchester. A beautiful Helena influence could prevail to get huge earthquakes in the summer transfer.

Zlatan, Helena, And Their Kids