Zlatan Ibrahimovic Goes To Los Angeles Galaxy?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic And Jose Mourinho

Ibrahimovic Gives Ultimatum To Mourinho! He Said His Conditions, Manchester Decides!

Every day is more certain that there will be a departure of Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Old Trafford! The star of Manchester United has several offers on the table, from China, however, the Swede increasingly shows interest to move to America and MLS league, Los Angeles Galaxy. Striker glossy wants to become the highest paid player in America, although if he goes East to Asia where offers are much larger, and there is a lot more money for Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic manager began negotiations with the famous Yankee team member Aleksi Lalas, who is the director MLS league. Mino Rajola is willing that his client go to California or Sweede.

Ibrahimovic and Mourinho Manchester United 2017

He Wants More Trophies With Manchester!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic wants to Manchester to win at least the title of the Premier League. The Swede is convinced that Mourinho for two or three seasons will be able to create a team that will charge the cups, and he wants to be near him.Ultimatum which set to management of Manchester’s is next ” two-year contract or he is leaving the club. By raising championship cup encapsulates to a list of national title, which has already won playing for Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Inter,Milan and Barcelona.