All England Hated David Beckham!

David Beckham English Hero

He Was Publicly ‘Hung’, Then One Goal Made David Beckham Became Hero Of England (VIDEO)

The nation has relinquished him, but the complete confidence of supporters, he regained in 2005 when the single stroke all turned to their advantage. Literally! The road of David Beckham to fame was not that easy, but thorny, especially with his image and character on what was and still recognizable. The peculiar nature made him a match of World Cup 1998 against Argentine Diego Simeone struck while lying on the grass, because of the direct red card pulled on himself the wrath of all England. Beckham is directly charged with the elimination of England, although the winner of that match was decided later, only after a penalty shootout. The hatred they felt towards Beckham then went so far that the entire campaign was launched in which the hanged doll bearing his face and jersey. – I remember the headlines: “10 heroic lions and a silly boy, ‘and’ You’re a joke, Becs. It was humiliating! I still have nightmares about France 98 “. I’ll always live with that – he said a few years later, David Beckham.

David Beckham Hanging

David Beckham- Great Gentleman And A Great Football Player

Though many thought that it would not fall too hard and will ‘crawl’ in his Bentley and some of the houses that are worth several million euros, but David did not think so. Seven years later, torture is still ongoing, and Beckham has come to a turning point – or they will turn away ingloriously or face the problem and sing more and more to be redeemed before the eyes of the public.Fortunately for all football fans, except those of Greek, he chose the latter option. It all came together to obtaining captaincy was handed the national team, which was an additional impulse for Bex. On the ‘Wembley’ team of Greece arrived in the match of the last round of qualifications for the World Cup in Germany in 2006. England needed to snatch at least a draw, but then the current champion of Europe was a serious rival and he and he led on two occasions. Until the last moments of the match there were awarded a free kick for England and Beckham for the seventh time in a zone of rubble tackled the ball.
The rest is history and his joy and happiness that he brought with that forever ‘reconciled’ with a Beckham fans ‘Albion’.