Robin Lopez And Serge Ibaka Fight

NBA Basketball Fight

Strong Fight Of NBA Stars (VIDEO)

As we approach the playoffs, so the fight for a place in the playoffs become increasingly fierce, and this has led to a fight in the match between Toronto and Chicago. Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka, after an affected rubble Jimmy Butler in the lead of the Bulls 13 points in the final third period, entered the duel, except that Ibaka pushing Lopez that preceded the whole mess did not end on words. On the contrary.

Ibaka And Lopez Fighting 2017

Player Who Managed To Calm The Situation

The first is Lopez gives away Ibaka, after which they began to be pushed to make Lopez a shot to the Raptors basketball player. Fortunately, he missed, but Ibaka did not wait so he immediately responded, on this occasion, catching him a little by ear. Players managed to calm the situationĀ and the match resumed soon, while the two players got exclusive technical errors.