Quarrel In Barcelona Dressing Room

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Misunderstanding About The New Coach And New Players!

Spanish media the day heated up the atmosphere, the problem is not only the successor to Luis Enrique but also about who could arrive at the club.Right at the beginning, not all players to Unzueta, as successor to Luis Enrique, which practically would not change anything, because the aide continued where the “Luco” stopped. But most, and to those who have the greatest impact as Messi has. However, the club has other intentions, to wait until the end of the season, and if it ends without a trophy, in this case, the dots would be Ernesto Valverde.But the biggest rift between the players caused the story of reinforcements. Some feel threatened, “Don Balon” writes that part of the disapproving looks at the insistence of Neymar to his teammate from Brazil Coutinho joined in Barca. That is what Neymar thinks, but Messi believe that Liverpool striker could be a replacement for Iniesta and that for him there is a place in the first set.

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Mesi Wants To Andre Gomes leave the club!

We already wrote that their target Andre Gomes and Mesi required to Portuguese leave the club.
But there is a group of players that, according to the release led by Gerard Pique believes that Coutinho is not a priority. They believe that the team needed a defensive player in midfield and that Marco Verratti was a better option because it could not fit in with Rakitic and Busquets.And club director Robert Fernandez, who will decide, is closer to the opinion.Barca will sell a few players, but they have money for a big gain.Verratti is already looking towards Catalonia, his agent announced talks with the Parisians, and Veratti and Coutinho are tough targets.Madrid insist on clear sheets torn, claiming that players have too much influence on events in the club and that is a weakness of Barcelona, as opposed to Real Madrid where Ronaldo and Ramos are trying to direct things, but let’s not save Ancelotti cancellation two seasons ago.