Real Wanted Italians, Cristiano Ronaldo Down The Ramp!

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

As his only rival, Lionel Messi in Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo has a great impact when they transfer to Real at stake!

We wrote about Mesi wants to boost this year’s Andre Gomes Barse leave the club, and that it was part of the conflict with Luis Enrique when the Portuguese squeezed Rakitic.
But, Cristiano Ronaldo has a great influence at Real Madrid, it is assumed that because for years nobody thinks that Benzema could not be squeezed out from the team, and Ronaldo’s clan consists of more, of course, Pepe and Marcelo. Now, apparently, the best player in the World does not want to replace Real Keylor Navas for Donarrumma from Milan. In the background was Mendes who would not want to Real sell their toys to Milan.

Cristiano Ronaldo does not want Donnarumma in the team!

Otherwise, he is the most talented goalkeeper in the world and is not the first target of Florentino Perez, he wants De Gea or Courtois, but if United and Chelsea maintain their keepers, they will turn to Donarrumma, at least that was the plan.What makes Keylor Navas out of time is his age, namely Real Madrid want to say with De Gea resolve the issue of goalkeeper for the next decade.
Ronaldo would also be very unhappy to reach Eden Azar, but it’s impossible. However, much of this will primarily Zidane’s fate depend on the results or the impact of the Portuguese can not be ignored.
He was the first against Benitez at the beginning of last year and Rafa really did not last long among the “Merengés”.