Never Crazier Mario Balotelli! (VIDEO)

Mario Balotelli In A Airport

So Whether You’re A Real Man? Once More This Is Not To Do At The Airport ?! (VIDEO)

Here’s why everyone calls him ‘Super Mario’, and he asks to himself: ‘Why always me?┬áMario Balotelli has ‘packed’ two goals to Lille and brought Nice victory (2: 1), which has retained a chance to decorate championship title and became even closer to the main goal to qualify for the Champions League.

Mario Balotelli In An Airport

And The Policeman He Was Applauded!

In this mood, ‘Super Mario’ dropping all kinds of ideas in his mind, and one of them was to play at the airport, and in this way, he flies through a metal detector.Even his policeman applauded the ‘madness’.

See How It Looked: