Terrorist Bomb Attack On Borussia Dortmund Bus

Dortmund Bus Bomb Attack 2017

WORLD Shocked By Terrorist Attack In Dortmund!

Less than two hours before the start of the quarter-final of the Champions League clash between Borussia and Monaco there was an explosion that hit a club bus with the players of the German team. Police confirmed that there had been three separate blasts that were previously planned and that the target was the bus.
The accident happened at about ten kilometers from Westfalen Stadium to where the bus was headed from the hotel where the team was located. The bus was going in the street that passes through a small forest, and the explosive devices were hidden in the bush along the road and they were activated when the bus has encountered.

Dortmund Bus Bomb Attack 2017

On the bus glasses were broken, luckily there were no casualties, and the only injured player was defender Marc Bartra who was sitting near the window which broke, and so broken glass has cut his hand. He was transferred by ambulance to the hospital with injuries to his hands, and he will undergo a surgery on his hand and forearm during the night.

Dortmund Bus Attacked 2017

The police have several hours after the incident and conducted investigation, confirmed that it was a planned attack with ‘explosives of serious destructive power, “but that can not yet confirm that this is terrorism. It was confirmed that at the scene
there was found a letter that was sent for analysis, as well as to search for foreign car license plate.

Dortmund Bus Attack Crime Scene

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