Luis Enrique Has Accused Three Players To Defeat Juventus!

Luis Enrique Barcelona

The Real Problem In Barcelona-Lionel Messi

The atmosphere in Barcelona is like on the funeral, the media deal with the underlying cause and the greatest fear of the club! The first training after losing to Juventus was like a funeral. Messi has trained himself to be learned, Luis Enrique after the game did not say anything to the players, but in the locker room entered President Bertomeu, presumably to encourage the players and told them that to rerun rematch with PSG if it is possible. Luis Enrique has reportedly been most dissatisfied by Pike, Mascherano, and Neymar who did not respect the agreement from the locker room, but also the effect of the Messi in the first half. The tension is high, Barca ran across a lot less than Juventus, showed less desire, they seemed bloodless, all with tactical objections goes to the soul of Luis Enrique.

Luis Enrique Barcelona

Luis Enrique Safely Away From Barcelona

He goes safely, now on the list of candidates to replace him have joined Oscar Garcia, who was six years old when he started tp play for Barcelona and now leads Red Bull Salzburg. Although it was seen that Luis assistant Unzue could replace him, in the club is suspicious, that he would continue Enrique’s path that now does not work.A particular problem remains Messi.The media are afraid that he is disappointed with everything that’s going on, until the end of the contract he has 14 months, and he hasn’t signed the new one. Events that will rid the club of his great friend Mascherano made things worse.
His first condition that remains, is that Luis Enrique goes with who he is not in good terms for over a year, and it is speculated that administration must, therefore, step down from the position of coach.As we said, the fear is that Messi could not continue to play without a new contract to next season saw which way things will develop. In this case, the year 2018 welcomed free.
It is still an unthinkable situation that he could in such a way that leave the club, but Barcelona is still afraid of his father who has a great influence.
In any case, Barca will try to make another miracle, eliminating Juventus and try to keep the title.

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