Ronaldo: ‘People Like Me Would Never Suspect Me’

FC Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid

He Is The Best And Has A Lot Of Confidence

Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo said he was satisfied with the victory against Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, adding that he has a lot of confidence and that he does not know anyone who doubts him.

Real last night after turning things around managed to beat Bayern Munich 2:1 in the first leg quarter-finals of the Champions League. Bayern took the lead with a header from Arturo Vidal, but Ronaldo’s two goals brought victory to European champions. Ronaldo became the first player ever to score 100 goals in competitions under the auspices of.


Cristiano Ronaldo 100 Goals In Champions League

I Want To Win The Champions League Again!

– It’s not easy when you lose from the team like Bayern, but in the second half we came back and won the game, do we are now in a good situation. This is football, if Vidal has scored from the penalty, maybe the game could be different. Football is full of surprises, we have achieved a goal, and then they were left with one less player – said Ronaldo, reported the Spanish Brand.

Ronaldo scored 98 goals in the Champions League for Real 82 and 16 for Manchester United. Behind him, Lionel Messi from Barcelona with 94 goals in the elite European competition.

– I do not know who doubts me, they must have been in the minority. People who love Christiano never doubt. You must tell me who are these people are, because none of them came to me. I am happy, I wanted to put this record, but even better is that I have made to do that against the club such as Bayern – said Ronaldo.

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