Results Of The Second Leg Quarter-finals Champions League Matches 2016/17

Result Of The Second Leg Quarter-finals Champions League Matches 2017

Real And Atletico are through, Monaco And Juventus Also

Real has made through against Bayern Munchen, but the referee decisions are something that once again, have put a shadow on the fantastic games.

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen 4:2. After Bayern took the lead from penalty at the start of the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the eaqualizer , but the own goal from Sergio Ramos has put Bayern back in the seat, for the extra time, even though they played with a player less in the field from 85′ min. In the extratime Ronaldo managed to score twice more, and that is really something that was great, because he managed to score five goals to Bayern Munchen!

Leicester vs Atletico Madrid 1:1. Fairytale is over, and Leicester City has ended their participation in UCL. Shakespeare failed to make this fairytale started by Claudio Ranieri to last a little longer… Saul gave Atletico Madrid the lead, but Vardy is the one, who gave them the hope to go through. Leicester was great in this year Champions league, and Attletico is once again in the half-final…

UEFA Champions League Results 2017

Barcelona vs Juventus 0:0! Game that people expected to end similar like against PSG was not possible to happen because Juventus was a team with a greater plan. Not a single line has break in Juventus defense, they were all on the mission that they have concluded successfully. Even though Neymar had some great runs, that wasn’t enough to score, like the rest of MSN trio. Juventus is deservly in the semi-finals!

Monaco vs Dortmund 3:1. Monaco is definitely the better side in this moment, and they haven’t lost any time to show that. Mbappe and Falcao gave them an comfortable lead in the first half 2:0. In the second, a great run by Dembele that was ended by goal from Reuce. Dortmund has started pushing harder, but it wasn’t enough because Monaco substiute Germain has scored a goal, and lead them to the semi-final…

Champions League 2017 results

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen second leg 2017 highlights (VIDEO)

Leicester City vs Atletico Madrid second leg 2017 highlights (VIDEO)

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AS Monaco vs Borussia Dortmund second leg 2017 highlights (VIDEO)

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