UEFA Champions League Average Player Wage Per Year

Champions League Semi Finalists Wages 2017

Real Spends The Most Money!

If money were a decisive factor, we could already declare Champion of the Europe, but because “cash” sometimes know how to fail, these numbers could remain a dead letter. Pardon, on their bank accounts …

Real, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, and Monaco advanced to the four best teams of the Old Continent, a big research of the portal Global sports salaries revealed how the four remaining clubs in the Champions League spent on salaries a year on average per player.
First look at the figures reveals a tremendous disparity between clubs, for example, the most expensive locker room among the semifinalists has Real Madrid, who annually on salaries spends twice as much money from city rivals and almost three and a half times more than Monaco, the club with the most modest annual budget for salaries in this society.

Champions League Semi Finalists Wages 2017

Let’s start with the rich. Real Madrid has always had the world’s best players, but the quality is expensive to pay, so the Royal club annually pays an average salary of 5,051.875 pounds per player. The largest part of this amount waste in the most expensive players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, who takes 365,000 pounds a week, and Gareth Bale, on whose account every seven days lie 350,000 £.

The second most expensive locker room from semi-finalists has Juventus. Italians annually by footballer spent 3,977.596 pounds a year. Logically, the best paid is the one with whom they spent the most to bring, and that is Gonzalo Higuain with earnings of 7,500,000 euros. Calculated on a weekly basis, every seven days Argentinian puts in his pocket 125,000 pounds.

Although Zidane and Simeone’s guys separating only one place on this scale, the difference in salaries is enormous. Atletico, in fact, spends per player twice less than Real, about 2,583.391 pounds. The best-paid player is captain Koke with 195,000 a week, which is much more even than Antoine Griezmann.
At the bottom of the list of the players of the Champions League semi-finalists were “the Monégasques”. In Monaco, they spend 1,510.215 pounds per player on average. Radamel Falcao, once one of the highest-paid players in the world now earns 165,000 pounds a week without competition is the richest man in the locker room of the Monaco.

Average Wages Per Player A Year:


  1. Real Madrid: 5,051,875 £ per player a year
  2. Juventus: 3,977,569 £ per player a year
  3. Atletico Madrid: 2,583,391 £ per player a year
  4. Monaco: 1,510.215 £per player a year

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