Mbappe, In Arsenal!?

Killian Mbappe In Arsenal

Best Clubs In theWorld Knocking On Monaco doors!

The whole world centers around Killian Mbapea recent months! Extremely talented Frenchman observe absolutely all the biggest clubs, also the financially wealthy clubs, are eager to see him in their shirt!

Mbappe’s manager Pascal Boisse recently revealed that his client had four great options. Real is reportedly on the verge of signing the French wunderkind.
Not far isn’t Barcelona, Manchester City, and United. There is, apparently, also Bayern Munchen, as Mbappe is in the most serious plans of the Bavarian giant. Paris Saint-Germain is also mentioned, although it is difficult to expect that Monaco will sell him to the biggest rival. In the game to sign him is also Chelsea. And during the recent two matches with Manchester City, Arsenal scouts were there to carefully escort games of the kid who many calls – the new Thierry Henry.

A famous French midfielder Robert Pires convinces  -” Arsenal will bring Killian Mbappe next summer“. A declaration that has ignited North London Pires gave to the French media, to whom he revealed that the only question is how big transfer the amount is going to be. In recent weeks there were mentions of the sum between 80 million and 100 million euros.“I believe that Arsenal will buy Killian, the only question is for how much money. Mbappe already has the potential to play in Arsenal and Wenger would be the ideal coach for him. Monaco and Arsenal are very similar teams, so Mbappe will not have a big transition “assures Pires.

He also believes that the Killian the only player who could really inherit Thierry Henry.“There is no need to compare them, Mbappe is not yet ready to be compared with Henry. But, they are almost identical types of player. Both are quick, strong and great shooters, with that Mbappe is young. It would not be fair to Killian to compare him with someone. I hope that Mbappe will follow Henry’s footsteps. “

Killian Mbappe In Arsenal

Killian Mbappe In Arsenal!?

Can Arsenal fans put the champagne on ice?

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