Lionel Messi Refused 35000000 € Wage!

Lionel Messi Wants A New Contract 2017

Messi Wants His Wage Doubled!

It is clear – he wants to be the highest paid of all time

If he has not already Lionel Messi is on track to become the best player of all time. And clearly, he wants to be the highest paid. Argentine wizard rejected the initial bid of Barcelona’s new contract according to which he would be earning between 30 million and 35 million euros per year!

All this without taxes!

Messi is currently receiving 19 million euros per season. This makes him the third highest-paid player in the world. The first is Carlos Tevez (Shanghai Shenhua) with 37 million euros, the second Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid with 22 million euros. Leo wants to move the border away. Maybe to make it unreachable. Maybe even to earn twice what he currently has. And more than compatriot and former team-mate of the Argentine national team, who emptied Chinese pockets.

Leo’s current contract expires in June 2018. That is why the management Barcelona for months attempts to find a common language with their first star. Negotiations in Messi’s name leads his father and agent, Jorge. A mutual desire for an extension of cooperation exists, all the media in Spain report that the contract will be signed this year, however, the Madrid daily “AS” assures that the first offer was rejected.

The same source, however, said that the Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu and Messi senior will soon meet again, and it’s just a matter of time when will the final agreement be reached. “Messi knows that what he has in Barcelona he couldn’t have nowhere else. We all want him to stay. I’m sure he wants it to, “said his teammate Ivan Rakitic.

Lionel Messi Wants A New Contract 2017

Lionel Messi Wants A New Contract 2017

In light that Messi on July 1 enters the last year of his contract, it is clear why the administration of Barcelona wants to secure themselves from attacks by clubs such as Manchester City, PSG, and Chelsea, who had previously challenged the link for “ten” of Blaugrana. Surely except wages, it will be raised the buyout clauses from the current 250 million euros. And more importantly, would,  after new contracts with Neymar and Luis Suarez, the main part of Barca trident would remain at “Camp Nou“.

“Messi is Barcelona. The importance that Leo has for the club and how the club affects him put an equal sign between them. If he weren’t in Barca it would have cost him the status of the best players in the World “, is the opinion of Carles Rexach, a former strategist of the Catalan giants.

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