Tottenham Wants Dani Alves!!!

Dani Alves In Tottenham 2017

Will Brazilian Leave Juventus!?

Tottenham started talks with representatives of Dani Alves and wants him in his team since, according to Yahoo Sports.

This would be a significant departure from the long-standing policy of the club to recruit young players for low salaries, but it seems that the Spurs in this section, see a step towards winning the trophy. Alves experience would bring balance to the team.

Tottenham plays well, but not winning titles. On the other hand, there was Alves who is a synonym for winning trophies.

The Brazilian made no secret that he wants to play in the Premier League. But the time he is running out.“I’ve always told that playing in England is something serious. I do not know when, but I would like to play there. To live feel what you watch from the sofa. The way people love football. Wow, that’s amazing. Full stadium lives for every moment, “Alves said in an interview with the Guardian.

The best right-back in the world is now at Juventus, playing on June 3, the Champions League final against Real Madrid, and continues to play in top form, and  Spurs reportedly see him as a substitute for Kyle Walker at right back.

Pochettino corresponds to the fact that Alves can play practically on the right wing in the attack, which would bring a new dimension to the pervasiveness and the Tottenham game.Alves has a contract with Juventus until June 2018. The club has the option to offer him another year of cooperation.

Dani Alves In Totenham 2017

Dani Alves In Tottenham 2017

It seems that the chances of Alves decide to Tottenham is not great, but it is not impossible. Let us add to that Pep Guardiola is interested in bringing him to Manchester City.The Brazilian is 34 years but still plays like a dragon. That’s why everyone wants him.

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