Donnarumma Wants To Become The Highest Paid Player In Seria A!

Donnarumma Contract Negotitation 2017

Will Donnarumma Sign A New Contract?

Last night in Monte Carlo first round of negotiations between Milan and Gianluigi Donarume and player’s agent Mina Raiola were held.Milan’s five-year contract offer to the talented guard network is 5,000,000 euros with bonuses. Rossoneri can not go above that 18-year-old and want an answer as soon as possible.However, Raiola at the meeting asked for a staggering 8,000,000 euros per year. This means that young goalkeeper wants the highest salary in Serie A. Currently, the highest paid player in Serie A Juventus two Argentines. Attackers Higuain and Dybala earning per 7,500,000 per year

Milan is certainly planned to demolish the record of most paid player Serie A. But with Álvaro Morata, not Donnarumma! Real Madrid attacker has already accepted a bid for a five-year contract worth 8 million euros per season. After that, following negotiations with Real Madrid and offer heavy 60,000,000 euros Madrid side.

Aware of this is crafty Raiola and knows that for Milan Donnarumma means more than Morata he wants and to extract the maximum contract for his client. Raiola continues to try to make things more difficult, and Donaruma follows him. He asked for time to think … Also, Raiola insists on buyout clause of 100 million euros in the new contract. Milan has so far didn’t said clear about that option.

Milan has a lot of delays and gave Raiola and Donnarumma deadline of seven days for a definitive answer about the new contract. Or face up to the consequences. And that’s sitting in the stands until the end of next season and the current contract when he can go without compensation. Milan does not want to enter into a new season with the unresolved issue of the status around the goalkeeper.

And therefore plan B is ready if Gigo refuses to cooperate. Milan’s first target in the event of a negative response is Wojciech Szczęsny. He leaves Rome after a two-year loan, but Arsenal does not want to keep him. Reference is made to Napoli which is not yet resolved the status of Reina, but also Juventus which would bring the Poles as an alternative to Bufona instead Neta, and then prepared to someday inherit, Gigi. Milan’s offer would be attractive because it offered the status of the first corner. Of course, all this under the condition that Donnarumma rejects a new contract …

Donnarumma Contract Negotitation 2017

Donnarumma Contract Negotiation 2017

When they finish work around the goalkeeper and striker, Milan will turn to Atalanta offensive Gomez and his teammate Conti that should replace De Sciglio on the right side. In the end, the whole Milan transfer market cost over 160 million euros if it fulfills all wishes.

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