UEFA Suspicious About AC Milan Business Plan!

Milan Owners Busines Plan 2017

Seria A Title In Next Five Years For Milan?

All eyes on Milan as local giants have a new and rich owners from the Far East. It’s just that no one – not primarily Uefa – not entirely convinced that the rich Chinese investors in football entered with pure intentions. The new boss of Milan Yonghong Li, therefore, decided to create a five-year business plan in which it is contained and the title of champion of Italy as the icing on the cake.

However, the most important part concerns the money, because the Chinese want to invest more, but their UEFA rules on financial fair play do not allow it because the club now entered annually around 206.3 million euros, which do not nearly sufficient to Milan be able to wrestle with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain and English riches.

Therefore, the idea that until the 2022 numbers to rise dramatically, primarily on the basis of lucrative contracts on the sale of TV rights, and Milan’s souvenirs on the Chinese market, which many see as the only way to bypass the casting UEFA rules.

Either way, these 2022 (year of the five-year plan) in trotting Rossoneri ought to be left even 524 million euros, which would have elevated the club to the level of the richest in Europe. The bulk of even 252 million compared to the current 142 million, went to the team itself, or pay the players and coaches.

True, Uefa is not yet convinced that the plan is achievable, as Milan’s new boss but the calculation Including the appearance in the Champions League from the 2018/2019 season, so in those year revenues expected to increase by about 150 million euros (prize money, and the TV rights …).The whole plan is therefore based mainly on the ambitions, not on firmly established for which it will be the European football governing body in October to review. If they do not get the green light it is known: limited budget for reinforcements. And potential sentence if they break it, and it seems that patience is not exactly adorned with Chinese billionaires.They would prefer that, as in a video game, “type in the code” and to instantly venue play with an unlimited budget. It does not work like that in Europe.

Milan Owners Busines Plan 2017

Milan Owners Business Plan 2017

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